Acoustic Sound Panels

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  • Why use Homasote Designwall 440

    Why use Homasote Designwall 440's Designwall 440 Homasote Featuring Guilford of Maine Fabric is made from a dense, fiber-based material that is effective at absorbing sound and reducing reflection. It is commonly used as a backing material for sound panels to improve the acoustics of a space and reduce noise levels.
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  • What To Use For Soundproofing?

    What To Use For Soundproofing?

    That would depend on how you will be using the Soundproofing Treatments. Will you be: Soundproofing a AuditoriumSoundproofing a BarSoundproofing a Broadcast StudioSoundproofing a CafeteriaSoundproofing a Call CenterSoundproofing a CeilingSoundproofing a ChurchSoundproofing a ClassroomSoundproofing a Computer RoomSoundproofing a Conference RoomSoundproofing a Fellowship HallSoundproofing a FloorSoundproofing a Gun RangeSoundproofing a GymnasiumSoundproofing a KennelSoundproofing a Multi-PurposeSoundproofing a Music RoomSoundproofing [...]
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  • How many acoustic panels do I need in my room?

    Q: How many acoustic panels do I need in my room? A: Ideally You hire a professional acoustician like Bob Hodas to tell you exactly what your room needs, for the rest of us on a budget… start with a DIY Basic Room Acoustic Measurement with acoustic analysis software like Freeware Room EQ Wizard (Win, Mac and Linux) or Fuzzmeasure [...]
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