Acoustic Panels for Restaurants and Dining

Acoustic Panels for Restaurants and Dining

According to a recent Zagat survey, noise has become the second-biggest complaint among diners, behind lousy service. Not only is excess noise a annoying to guests, but it has a negative effect on your bottom line. In noisy environments servers and bartenders are 3 times more likely to make order errors leading to waste and a negative customer experience. Speech privacy is also a major concern among patrons.

Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels and Custom Acoustic Art Panels

Restaurants with Custom Acoustic Art Panels look and sound better.

The secret to an ideal dining and meeting area is not always the cooking or the furnishings, it's also in the acoustics. The food and service may be fabulous, but if people can't have a conversation over clattering dishes, ambient noise, and the loud laughter at the next table, they'll likely be looking for another place. Yelp has begun listing noise levels atop its ratings. OpenTable, a reservations service, allows reviewers to rate restaurants as "quiet," "moderate" or "energetic." Several national restaurant reviewers now factor sonic quality into their reports. Some cities have even begun rating restaurants not just on food and service quality, but the noise volume as well.  Adding acoustic treatments will greatly reduce background noise levels and enhance speech clarity.

Noise levels in restaurants without proper restaurant soundproofing materials averaged between that of city traffic (85 decibels) and power saws (109 decibels). During peak hours, it can be even worse. Restaurants with bars, typically register sound levels as high as 10 decibels over the human tolerance level.

Hard Surfaces lead to Noisy Restaurants

With the rising popularity of open kitchens, which put shouting chefs in plain view and earshot, architects are trying to cut down on the noise by designing work areas with lower ceilings.  The physical layout of your restaurant and how sound travels through your space is to blame. The kitchen is an especially noisy place, and tables sitting near the kitchen or food-serving lanes can be the worst area for your guests.

Most restaurants have echo problems. Sound bounces off walls, ceilings and floors. This makes unwanted background noise and muffles voices. Sound absorption products help to make individual voices clear. By reducing the sound that is echoed off the walls, there is less background noise. Restaurant Sound Absorption Products absorb sound waves and prevent them from bouncing back off the walls and  contain the sound in one location.

Kitchens need restaurant soundproofing materials to stop noise from entering the dining room. Bars need restaurant soundproofing materials to trap the noise and not let it enter other areas of the restaurant. Overall, acoustic panels for restaurants keep the noise contained in the space it should be.

Best Acoustic Treatments for Restaurant Acoustics

There are many options for acoustic treatments that are available to restaurants, bars, clubs, wineries and cafe owners. A good way to start absorbing reverberant noise is to cover two perpendicular surfaces with sound-absorbing material. For example, by treating the ceiling with Acoustic Baffles and at least one wall with Acoustic Panels, sound waves are prevented from reflecting horizontally and vertically.

ACOUSTIC BAFFLES are lightweight and easy to suspend from high, open ceilings using traditional hanging or cable suspension systems. Baffles absorb sound from all directions to reduce reverberation in large interior spaces. (ANY of our standard panels can be used as baffles with our ceiling mounting kit option).

FABRIC WRAPPED WALL PANELS absorb nearly 90% of the sound that reaches it. They are available in a variety of fabrics to complement or match wall or ceiling.

CUSTOM ACOUSTIC ART PANELS allow you to take ANY image, logo or photo Any custom hi-resolution image in the world, printed directly on the sound panels! Our custom acoustic panels are printed directly on acoustically transparent fabric.

Treating a restaurant or other entertainment venue can be easy and affordable. Our affordable acoustic and sound control solutions are the proven answers to help positively impact meeting, special events, restaurant, cafeteria & lunchroom noise control and acoustics. Our product line consists of multiple variations offering literally hundreds of options for you to customize your order to fit your application perfectly in every sense.

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