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  • Acoustic Panels for Restaurants and Dining

    Acoustic Panels for Restaurants and Dining

    According to a recent Zagat survey, noise has become the second-biggest complaint among diners, behind lousy service. Not only is excess noise a annoying to guests, but it has a negative effect on your bottom line. In noisy environments servers and bartenders are 3 times more likely to make order errors leading to waste and [...]
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  • Best Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Room

    Best Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Room

    Q. “What is the one best thing I can do to improve my listening environment?" A. We're a little partial, but we strongly suggest adding Mixmastered Acoustic Custom Built Sound Panels and Corner Bass Traps. Acoustic Sound Panels and Bass Traps by Mixmastered Acoustics are used by churches, schools, businesses, musicians, and homeowners to improve the listening [...]
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  • Acoustic Sound Panels for Commercial, Corporate, Government & Municipal Buildings

    Acoustic Sound Panels for Commercial buildings, Corporate, Government & Municipal Buildings : Commercial & Corporate settings have specific acoustical requirements in order for the space to be most soundproof. Commercial & Corporate spaces like Call centers, Computer and server rooms, Conference rooms and offices will definitely benefit from acoustic panels. Government and Municipal spaces such [...]
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  • Listening Environment Not Perfect Without Acoustic Treatment Sound Panels and Bass Traps

    DESPITE SPENDING $1000’s ON HIGH END GEAR, AUDIOPHILES NOT GETTING THE ULTIMATE  LISTENING EXPERIENCE Chicago, IL - State of the art audio equipment may cost as much as a new car, but the listening environment cannot be perfect without proper acoustic treatment.Why? Because the room is not acoustically balanced. Custom acoustic sound panels and bass traps improve the [...]
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