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Acoustic Sound Panels for Churches and Houses of Worship. Poor acoustics in churches or houses of worship can really affect how well your congregation can hear you.  The best acoustic solution to getting better room acoustics is to install acoustic walls panels that help absorb unwanted echoes. Eliminating echoes and reverb will lower the noise floor [...]
  • 3 min read
One of the things that we recommend our customers do with their Bass Traps / Acoustical Panels  is to mount them 2-4" off the wall. The absorption is 4 times higher at 500hz and below. This happens because the sound goes through the panel, travels to the wall bounces back and passes through the panel [...]
  • 1 min read

How Much Acoustic Sound Treatment Do I Need?

SHORT ANSWER: Rule of thumb usually calls for 15-30% of total area coverage. Calculator placeholder LONG ANSWER: Hi and thanks for stopping by! As the director of customer service for Acoustic Sound Panels, I try to keep a tally of the most commonly asked questions to help guests like you fill in the gaps among the sea...
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SHORT ANSWER: Rule of thumb usually calls for 15-30% of total area coverage.

Yes, custom sizes can be made from our 1 inch, 2 inch and 4 inch thick panels. AND most of the time there is no extra charge!!!! Simply select the next biggest standard size and we will cut it down to your required size 

Simply mention the size in the order notes or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-Mixmaster (1-800-649-6278) and let us know the length and width you need.

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