Why use Homasote Designwall 440

Why use Homasote Designwall 440

Designwall 440 Homasote
The Homasote Company's Designwall 440 is a popular choice for acoustic panel backing. You may choose to utilize Designwall 440 homosote for your sound panels for a few different reasons:

ABSORBS SOUND: Sound is effectively absorbed and reflected by the thick fibers that make up Designwall 440 Homasote. The acoustics and noise levels of a room may be greatly improved by using this as the base material for sound panels.

NOW OFFERING GUILFORD OF MAINE FABRIC WRAPPED PANELS: The industry standard in acoustical fabric, on your custom built board.

BUILT TO LAST:  Designwall 440 Homasote is a long-lasting and sturdy building material. As a result of its high resistance to water, rot, and mold, it is well suited for usage in wet or humid settings.

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