Acoustic Sound Panels

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  • Hear How Poor Acoustics Impact Schools and Hospitals

    Hear How Poor Acoustics Impact Schools and Hospitals

    Noise Reduction Impacts Health and Education We were asked by a shelter for abused teens to help resolve some of their problems with noisy classrooms and gymnasium. You will be hearing much more about this project soon, but in the meantime have a look at this video featuring acoustic expert, Julian Treasure. Treasure is the author [...]
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  • Acoustic Sound Panels for Commercial, Corporate, Government & Municipal Buildings

    Acoustic Sound Panels for Commercial buildings, Corporate, Government & Municipal Buildings : Commercial & Corporate settings have specific acoustical requirements in order for the space to be most soundproof. Commercial & Corporate spaces like Call centers, Computer and server rooms, Conference rooms and offices will definitely benefit from acoustic panels. Government and Municipal spaces such [...]
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  • Why Do You Need Room Correction

    Why Do You Need Room CorrectionIn an ideal world, there would not be any need for equalization, room correction, room treatment, bass management, crossover settings or level adjustment. Sound systems would be perfect on their own without any room correction and would reproduce perfect signals in all rooms. Plus, if everyone had perfect hearing and [...]
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