Listening Environment Not Perfect Without Acoustic Treatment Sound Panels and Bass Traps


Chicago, IL - State of the art audio equipment may cost as much as a new car, but the listening environment cannot be perfect without proper acoustic treatment.

Why? Because the room is not acoustically balanced. Custom acoustic sound panels and bass traps improve the sound quality by balancing the harmonics of a room.

Those color rectangles hanging on the walls of serious sound studios are sound absorption panels. Dan Morrell, owner of Mixmastered Acoustics, , said the panels are not just a decorating accessory. They are necessary. “The panels are placed to cover trouble spots,” he said. “When placed properly, a serious audiophile will notice an immediate difference and improvement in the quality of sound coming out of his speakers. If not placed properly, the panels can make matters worse or have no effect at all.”

Mr. Morrell said he doesn’t understand why someone will spend thousands of dollars on the best audio gear and not spend anything to improve the room.

“You are not getting the maximum quality from your system unless you have the room balanced. The difference sound paneling makes has amazed people,” he said. “Compared to the cost of audio gear, sound panels are cheap. Considering the positive impact they have the listening and recording experience, the panels are worth far more than what you pay for them.”

The website offers before and after video samplestips on room correction and links to software which can help people properly place sound panels in a room. “There is no one size fits all solution with acoustic panels. Every room has different dynamics which must be considered. But like in ‘Wheel of Fortune’ you start with the R,S,T,L,N,E and go from there ” he said.

For more information visit or call (312) 893-5116. The company also offers a live chat for internet customers who want additional information on improving the sound in their room.


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