Acoustic Wall Panels - 48" x 96" x 1"

Acoustical Wall Panels are a perfect solution to any unwanted noise problems in a home, business, studio, home theater, gymnasium or house of worship. Choose your custom size and color to fit your environment.

  • Each piece is handmade for you in the USA by a team of craftsmen and recording professionals.
  • Our acoustic panels outperform "studio foam" at any frequency. Studio foam only attenuates high frequencies, while completely ignoring your mid and low end.
  • The 1" panels are exceptionally sturdy and absorb a considerable amount of high end frequencies.
  • Tames unwanted acoustical sound frequencies and reflection in your room.
Each panel comes standard with two (2) pairs of Z clips for flush mounting.

Panel measures 48in x 96in x 1in (4ft x 8ft x 1in).