Custom Built 1" Acoustic Sound Panels

Size: 24" x 24" x 1"
Material: Microsuede
Color: Black
Natural / Camel
Ivory (Off White)

Increase speech intelligibility with Acoustic Sound Panels. Stop unwanted noise. Helps lower overall noise levels. Fabric wrapped Acoustical Wall Panels are a perfect solution to any unwanted noise problems in an office, classroom, studio, home theater, gymnasium or house of worship. Choose your custom size 1" Acoustic Sound Panel and color to fit your environment. 

  • IMMEDIATELY INCREASE SPEECH INTELLIGIBILITY – by controlling unwanted reverb and echo with 1" Acoustic Sound Panels.
  • SOUND ABSORPTION: NRC .75 out of 1. –  We recommend covering at least 15-20% of a room’s wall space for effective sound control for normal indoor environments (30-45% in problem areas).
  • HUGE SELECTION OF COLORS AND SIZES – Mix and match Acoustic Sound Panels to find the exact configuration of colors and shapes that will complete the acoustic wall treatment to your specifications. 
  • QUICK & EASY DO-IT-YOURSELF INSTALLATION – 1 inch Acoustic Sound Panels Look amazing and easy to hang with included Z-clip mounting system
  • MADE IN THE USA - Acoustic Sound Panels are designed and hand made featuring a cabinet grade wood internal frame that protects edges & corners from dents and damage. Acoustically transparent backing for increased absorption.
  • PERFECT FOR TAMING VOICES AND MUSIC - 1" Acoustic Sound Panels are exceptionally sturdy and absorb some lows and perform best on mid & high end frequencies.
Acoustic Panel Performance NRC