Useful Tips to Buy Acoustic Sound Panels for Home

Useful Tips to Buy Acoustic Sound Panels for Home


Useful Tips to Buy Acoustic Sound Panels for Home Theater

The market is flooded with products for soundproofing a room. There is a vast variety of items available to soundproof the walls, ceiling and floors and there are acoustic treatments that won't stop noise from leaving or entering the room, but will stop the unwanted echoes from making sound intelligible. 

The creation of acoustic sound panels has eliminated the demand of hiding soundproofing materials below walls, flooring or ceiling –  for treating the noise within your space.

Pricing Vs. Budget

A lot of times the required coverage area of acoustic treatments calls for more acoustic panels than the budget allows for and people end up using ineffective alternatives like acoustic foam, which is a complete waste of your money. On average acoustic panels are 10-20% more expensive than foam or egg crate soundproofing but 2" acoustic panels are 80% more effective and usually not flammable.  

Soundproofing Quality

If primary aim behind the purchase of acoustic sound panels for home is soundproofing, then you cannot compromise on the quality of the item you select. Otherwise, living at a noisy place in a beautifully decorated home does not make any sense if the rooms cannot protect you from noise. The peace of life will be lost forever with just a single mistake.

Which Is The Best Brand?

While more people are tending to use acoustic sound panels in home, office, libraries, college, cinemas, churches, etc. the number of companies making these panels also grows. As new players enter the market, they give special discounts on their items. However, you need to properly check the quality of pieces before going after discounts. Mostly, the low prices give big headaches since they cause worries of performance. They typically cut corners by using low quality fabrics and low quality imported from China and toxic acoustic insulation.  

Buy At Once

Let’s suppose you have chosen a particular type of acoustic sound panels for your home. Your plan is to complete the soundproofing of different rooms at different steps. Sometimes that is a great idea, however, you run the risk of the fabric dye lot not matching from order to order. This is a common problem in the fabric industry and should be accounted for. At the very least you can compensate for mismatched acoustic fabric dye lots by keeping a distance of a few inches, even feet, between the different bass traps.

Where to go to buy acoustic sound panels?

When you're ready acoustics are easily tamed with acoustic sound panels and bass traps. With the growth in the use of internet, now there is no need to leave your home to buy acoustic panels of any sort. However, if you are not conscious about the quality of acoustic panels sold online, you should make sure the acoustic manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee

Bottom Line:

With a little help you can go a long way with acoustically treating your home. Feel free to contact us by clicking the chat button below or fill out the contact form describing your objectives and we will help you get exactly what you need. 

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