Restaurant Noise as Loud as a Truck Without a Muffler Quieted with Acoustic Panels


Acoustic Panels for Restaurants



The Ordinary quiets down with new array of acoustic tiles

A few days after the upper King Street restaurant affixed $12,000 worth of acoustical panels to its ceiling, Mike Lata was talking to his sous chef in an area of the raw bar that’s visually shielded from the dining room. The restaurant had opened 15 minutes earlier, and based on the hum of the crowd, Lata assumed a few tables were taken. He emerged from the kitchen to discover the dining room was “100 percent full.”

“I was blown away,”

There are two ways to gauge the noise level of a restaurant dining room. One way involves a decibel meter. The other way relies on the carefully calibrated ear of an acoustician... Acoustic Panels for Restaurants

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