Mixmastered Lite - Frameless Acoustic Sound Panels (Set of 8)

Great for spot treating your listening environment!

Mixmastered Lite Frameless Acoustic Sound Panels are 12" squares of 2" thick sound panels and are a great solution for spot treating sound studios, home listening rooms, iso booths and more.

  • Low cost absorption with many design options
  • Tame your room's acoustics inexpensively!
  • With an NRC of 1.0, outperforms Auralex Studiofoam Wedgies 2 Inches Thick and 1 foot by 1 Foot Acoustic Absorption Foam ALL AROUND!

Reflected sound that arrives within the critical, very short period after the original, direct sound is detrimental and must be dealt with if we’re to hear accurately in our rooms. Proper acoustical treatment gives you a clean initial time delay (known as the ITD, the period between the direct sound and the beginning of the reflected sound) by especially controlling early reflections that come from the nearest room boundaries. The 2" Mixmastered Lite Frameless series panels are a cost-effective solution!