Classic Acoustic Cityscape Diffusers

Finish: Natural, Unfinished (Standard)

The Mixmastered Acoustics Skyscraper Diffuser is designed to diffuse sound energy in cases where a sound absorption panel would deaden a smaller space. Skyscraper sound diffusers diffuse or shatter sound in multiple directions. Typically used in professional recording studios on the rear wall behind the listening position.

Acoustic Cityscape Diffusers

  • Ships with a natural wood finish, but can be ordered painted or with stain and polyurethane applied.
  • 18" x 18" x 7.5"
  • Lightweight only 22lbs
  • Free Mounting Kit Included
  • Eliminates comb filtering and flutter echo
  • Ideal for Recording Studios, Home Theaters, Listening Rooms, Mastering Rooms, Vocal Booths
  • No lost finger or weeks of time trying make a DIY Sound Diffuser


DIY Acoustic Sound Diffuser

See for yourself how much labor goes in to making diffuser panels. Watch as he takes you step by step through the tedious sound diffuser build process and decide if you want to Do It Yourself or enjoy a professional made audio diffuser:

watch below and skip to 3:14 or click here: