Custom Built Mic Booth Bass Trap Combo - 6' x 6' (6 Foot)

Mixmastered Acoustics folding mic booth doubles as a bass trap when not in use. Unlike a typical vocal cabinet our vocal booth is built with thru-construction so you can get the most out of your studio space. Fully expands to 48" by 48" (4ft x 4ft). Chooses Microsuede or Burlap fabric. Also features detachable hinges... very handy and great for recording.

Size when folded is 36" x 72" x 4" (3ft x 6ft x 4in)

Size when opened is 72" x 72" x 2" (6ft x 6ft x 2in)

  • MORE THAN PERFECT SOUND ABSORPTION: NRC 1.1 out of 1. –  We recommend covering at least 15-20% of a room’s wall space for effective sound control for normal indoor environments (30-45% in problem areas).
  • HUGE SELECTION OF COLORS AND SIZES – Mix and match panels to find the exact configuration of colors and shapes that will complete the acoustic wall treatment to your specifications. 
  • QUICK & EASY DO-IT-YOURSELF INSTALLATION – Looks amazing and easy to hang with included Z-clip mounting system
  • MADE IN THE USA - Designed and hand made featuring a cabinet grade wood internal frame that protects edges and corners from dents and damage. Acoustically transparent backing for increased absorption.
  • PERFECT FOR TAMING VOICES AND ALL MUSIC - 4" panels are exceptionally sturdy and absorb some lows and perform best on low, mid and high end frequencies.

    *Each panel comes standard with two (2) pairs of Z clips for flush mounting
      Acoustic Panel Performance NRC

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