Custom Built Corner Bass Traps (PER PAIR)

Corner Bass Traps - Priced by the pair with FREE SHIPPING, this is simply the best deal on the market. Corner Bass Traps, at 13" deep, offer increased absorption at ultra low frequencies. Our Corner Bass Traps are built with high quality acoustic fabric wrapped around a sturdy wooden frame. These are a perfect, cost effective, acoustic solution for a sonically untamed recording studio, home studio, or even a home theater. You can count on Mixmastered Acoustics' newest bass absorber to trap a the majority of low end and 100% of mids and highs. Need a special size? Don't waste your time with another unfinished DIY project, let us build your corner bass trap today!

Don't waste your money on 'Studiofoam Acoustic Panels' because it only attenuates high frequencies, while your low end is left unaddressed.

Corner Bass Traps by Mixmastered Acoustics

  • Noticeable bass absorption for walls and corners.
  • Outperforms Auralex Corner Bass Traps (acoustic foam) at any frequency.
  • While Foam is useless below 250Hz, bass traps are effective down to 50Hz.
  • Hand made in the USA by a team of recording professionals and craftsmen.
  • Use horizontally or Vertically.
  • Immediate Shipping available.

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